La orchestra sinfónica de Madrid

As seen through the eyes of a highly imaginative ADD American expat... Tonight on January 20, 2020, Nacho and I had the pleasure of attending the Symphony Orchestra of Madrid's talented performance of Franz Shubert's Sinfonía nº8 en Si menor "Incompleta", D. 759 and Anton Bruckner's Sinfonía nº7 en Mi menor, WAB 107. We were handed such... Continue Reading →

Bureaucracy is a B*tch

“I have to pee!” I exclaimed rather loudly to my husband as I burst through the door of a cervecería. I wasn't prepared for the sudden step down and loudly bellowed "Oop! Man down!" making everyone inside snap their neck towards the door at the obnoxious Americana who just disrupted the peace. Regaining balance, I... Continue Reading →

Weight Loss Abroad – A Discussion

I've written and talked extensively about the magical weight loss that occurs every time I live abroad. It still amazes me though how effortless it is to be slim while enjoying buttered bread, pastries and whole milk. Every time I live abroad, I always lose a little something. Let's go back in time a bit...... Continue Reading →

Feeling “Light Blue”

If you know me well then you know how emotional I can be. I’m easily moved by emotions and for that reason writing and creation are such an integral part of my processing of emotions because it allows me to transfer the energy from an internal to an external form. Along with writing, art and... Continue Reading →

Moving Overseas – Transatlanticism

I think it’s safe to say that whatever part of my brain that manages impulse control and emotions is, well, underdeveloped. I had a total meltdown last night. But stressed and emotional is not the face I’ve been wearing in public for the past few months. “How are you managing the stress of moving so... Continue Reading →

A Gringa Says Goodbye to Miami

On a beautiful Saturday afternoon, as our catamaran sailed towards the sandbar away from Miami, I stood with my friend Paula and admired the white skyscrapers of the city. The sun was high and casting an ethereal light on a home I’ve grown to deeply love. With my Spanish friend by my side, I felt... Continue Reading →

The Arepa War: Colombia versus Venezuela

Para la versión española, lea más abajo... *English*  For those of you who have never even heard the word arepa, it is basically a very thick corn "tortilla" molded into a ball of grainy dough and cooked like a pancake. It is a staple food of Latin American countries, whipped up and served at over-the-counter... Continue Reading →

Bailamos Bachata

So, you remember how I said Nacho and I dance with other people when we go out? That's true for almost every style of dance... except bachata. The decision to make ourselves exclusive dance partners when it comes to bachata is, clearly, my own. As an American it took me a long time to get... Continue Reading →

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